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Hope Topper


Uniwigs kindly sent me a lovely hair topper to review. On review is the 8.5"x9" Hope | Mono Top Synthetic Hair Topper | Lace Front.


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Great topper for increasing thickness of hair, Gives you that bit of extra confidence to cover thin or balding hair.


I have alopecia - the ophiasis kind - so most of my hair is missing on my neck and behind my ears - this topper gave me an extra layer of hair to not only keep my hair looking better but also my head was warmer :)

Picture Left is before 

Picture on right -  after is with topper

michelle - Hairloss diaries with Topper.

Carrie Wig 


I was kindly asked to review the Carrie Synthetic Wig by LAVIVID  in colour - almond frost!

I was very excited to open this hair piece as it’s a great length and styled to perfection!

For hair you put on and go this is definitely worth a try!

I thought I’d pop it on for my hubbys birthday dinner and can say I was impressed.


It’s not too heavy or thick which means it easily goes behind your ears, I’m a hair tucker as although I love having long hair I do prefer to tuck it behind my ears!

The wig is not to expensive and comes in Lace Front and Traditional. I am wearing the traditional. there are also adjustable straps to allow you to tighten or loosen the wig.

There are a number of colours from the brightest of blondes to the darkest of brunettes.

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👱🏼‍♀️ https://goo.gl/XpRdfW