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Update on treatments

So tonight I went back to the castor and black seed oil blend. Massaged into my head to reduce the pain I’m getting again. I don't know if this helps my hair grow but it helps to reduce the inflammation pain.

I then sat with my @theradome Helmet on to encourage stimulation in the follicles.

An hour later I added minoxidil and begun seven star hammering. I’ve realised 3 months after receiving seven star hammering treatment my hair started to grow back.

Next week I’m seeing my derma and I’m having local steroid injections into the new patches. I HATE these but they do give me growth and hopefully will slow the loss again.

I’m then having an iron transfusion via IV to try to restore my iron levels as they are still very low.

Continuing to eat organic – to cut gluten and diary and exercise 3 times a week.

If my hair doesn’t grow back after doing this regime religiously for a year then I think I will have to give up and except I will live the rest of my life in wigs.

I’m spending far too much money trying to restore this mess of a hair do and too much time and energy.

I’ve given up the chemo drugs as they make me feel so awful. Anyone else tried methotrexate and been ok on it?

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