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Unapologetic Badasses Online Series

Something awesome is happening this week!! The wonderful Valerie Fuentes has created a fantastic schedule of interviews from some serious badass hair loss bloggers!!

To make sure you see them all please register as videos only available for 72 hours after air!

Use this link to register:


These are the awesome ladies who've given us insight :


Michelle Wilson is a multiple business owner and entrepreneur from The UK. She has been an advocate for promoting how "normal" hair loss is and to show how most of us have some loss or thinning issues we don't tend to shout about. Her intention is that alopecia is changed from a cosmetic illness and that doctors and insurance companies understand the impact this condition has mentally on people and look for the root cause instead of a cure with harmful side effects. Psychologists tell us that there are three image concepts that strongly affect how we ultimately see ourselves; the way we see ourselves at the start, the way others see us and the way we think others see us. Join us for a dynamic conversation about the most important relationship, the relationship with OURSELVES. 

Click here to watch the interview:


Click here to watch the interview

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