• Michelle

Nearly a year later...

June 2019

Hey guys, I’ve been a bit useless posting since September 2018 – mainly because I went back to work and what started part time went all out and into full time before I knew it!

So I took a bit of time out of treating my hair and just continued with the laser light therapy and Dermovate liquid steroid solution for my head.

I have to say ladies and gentlemen my hair is great. Don’t get me wrong … I’m no Rapunzel and of you lift the back of my hair those pesky bald spots are lurking but I have hair and I have a style for now.

It’s grown nicely, but the patches on the back are taking F O R E V E R….!

At one point I thought it was falling out again and I’m still not completely satisfied it isn’t really. It’s very itchy again and that means fall out or grow back!

I’ll be updating my blog a bit more regularly now I’m settled at work and life again! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram too for lots of piccies 🙂

Happy hair days folks, xx

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