• Michelle

Magnetic Eyelashes

Jan 10th 2018

So my eyelashes are pretty crap my eyebrows are worse but I’m booking in a bit of micro blading to sort that out soon… but magnetic eyelashes!! Amazing, I thought… NO … I thought wrong! I waited two weeks for them to arrive thinking they would be the answer to my shitty thinning eyelashes, well let me tell you now, don’t bother, total Arse!

My first attempt at using them I flipped it upside down and it poked me in the eye, leaving me running round like a headless chicken screaching, “ouch ouch get it out! ” my husband thought I had been stabbed.. well I had really but in the eye ball and with a plastic eyelash!

My second attempt left me with them stuck so high up I looked like it was the end of the night and the glue had worn off.. a lot!

Third attempt was futile… they are not full length, the magnets are tiny and don’t cover the lash and quite frankly I have wasted yet more money on something that promises the earth when in fact gives me nothing but a pile of horse shit!

Eyelashes still shit… still thinning … lady still unhappy and still sore from poking oneself in the eye!

Verdict – don’t bother!

Ps still got this stupid flu…. apparently from the Aussies?

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