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Another subject im fond of is my skin! I know so many who suffer daily tortures with their skin and although I haven not been blessed in the hair department, I have always had good skin!

Im 44 now - yet have the skin of a 34 year old. Maybe because I burnt my skin so badly when I was I my teens on a dodgy old face UV lamp - who knows but my skin typically looks a lot younger than it is.

I have noticed recently that my jaw line skin is starting to sag!

This is no joyous moment - age is creeping up on me and I thought holly bird poop - I need to do something about this!!

On my research I come across a number of wonderful lotions and potions, and tools for increasing that juvenile glow! Many things screamed they could save me from the doom of aging but being an organic, hippy life loving soul - Im not one to plaster myself in nasties such as chemicals and parabens.

I found a really great instrument called Lumi. After a weeks review of Lumi and I have to say it really does what it says it does!

My skin is glowing - it is tighter and seems to have more elasticity.

Just look at my glowing skin!!

Ive added some videos in saved stories on instagram if you want to see it in action.

Ive added the seller below too because she was really lovely and you really need to buy it from her to support her little growing business :)

Find Abi on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/happyskindaily/

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