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Guest blog - Hair Loss Sister - Nicola

My name is Nicola, and I’m from Liverpool; the land of the curly blow dry and sky high, voluminous locks. And then there’s me.

I was never ever blessed with loads of hair, looking back on pictures from when I was tiny; I don’t think I had much hair until I was about 4! But I always had enough. My sister has a mane of massive hair which I was/still am jealous of. The type of hair when plaited looks like rope! I think she took my share of hair when it was given out.

When I was about 18/19 after starting university, I remember feeling my first tiny bald patch. It was absolutely tiny, so I wasn’t alarmed and thought nothing of it, passing it off as stress or something. But that smooth, tiny patch of skin just got bigger and bigger.

By the time I had got to about 21, I had lost half of my hair, but it was easily disguised as it was underneath. A low pony sorted out my undercut!

I saw my GP and was referred onto a dermatologist, who was really sympathetic but totally useless. Told me there was nothing really that could be done.

As I was so distressed (I cannot tell you how horrible it was being 19, trying to be attractive to the opposite sex, and partially bald) and being poor student-my mum and dad helped me out and booked me an appointment with a trichologist. She was great, and I tried actual treatments with her which had never been offered by a dermatologist. I used minoxidil for a while and my hair did grow back. Wooohooo!

From then until now I’ve had bald patches coming and going, they’ve grown back eventually and each one as they come has upset me less and less.

I married my wonderful husband Paul, and surprisingly on my wedding day had a full head of hair, styled to perfection, thank god!!!

I’ve had two beautiful kids Archie and Ella and during pregnancy had the most lush locks I’d ever known, but when pregnancy comes to an end-I’m back to square one. Bald patches coming and going, and not being ungrateful for regrowth, why do they come back white these days?

Last year I started again with another bald patch. A GP friend of mine started an aesthetic business, and treats hair loss with microneedling and steroid injections. It’s worked and I was wondering why I’d never known about this before. Eight months ago lost my Dad, and couldn’t bring myself to attend appointments as there was so much more important stuff going on, and steadily my hair got worse and worse.

It’s got to a point where the patch is too big for me to have microneedling, as it would take an age.

So here I am, with half my hair missing again. At a point where we are in the middle of a pandemic, working as a clinician in the NHS and I can’t tie my hair back. Where I can’t even keep the rest of it trimmed, and freshly coloured to look good. Also does anybody else notice the wind really picks up when you’re trying to hide bald patches too?!?

I really really hate it when people tell my my hair loss is caused by stress. People don’t quite understand that this condition is autoimmune, and I’ve been dealing with it for almost 18 years.

Anyways, surfing Instagram looking for some miraculous cures, I stumbled across @hairlossdiaries and seen pictures of Chelleys hair loss. I genuinely thought that I’d somehow managed to upload a photo of myself.

I don’t know how to describe finding somebody else who has the same exact type of hair loss as myself, it’s obviously not nice, but it’s kind of a relief knowing I’m not the only one!

I know hair loss isn’t the most important of problems going on in the world, but to each person suffering with this, it really is upsetting and traumatic, and at times can be soul destroying. I know with time I have got used to it, but each time it happens it does still hit me hard.

Thanks for asking me to write this chelley, it’s been so cathartic!

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