• Michelle

Poem For My Hair..

8th January 2018

Today I was ok Then I saw you and I missed you, It’s stupid because I can’t even feel you, But today, today I missed you.

I never did respect you And now you have gone, My life is the same without you, I still carry on.

I’ve noticed people can tell, It makes me feel sad inside I try to cover it up But it just feels like lies.

Will you come back, I wonder and hope, Or will it never be the same, And I’ll permanently be broke.

To the back of my mind I’ll push you once more Until the morning light When I’m reminded again.

Your hurting me more And I don’t know why I need to find out I no longer want to cry

And now she’s started, Questioning me, Do I listen? Or should I flee.

They have given me some pills To make me feel warm But that scares me right now Is this what I’ve become?

I joked and i laughed I I thought it was rubbish But I can’t control it And now i feel shit

But who really cares Don’t say that, they do It’s just everyone’s busy They don’t have time for you

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