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Derma Apt time..

July 2018

I had a dermatology appointment today. I love my Dermatologist, he’s a really nice guy and very compassionate about my hair loss. I’ve seen others who were total assholes.

We discussed what I can try next today. The medical treatments tried are;

Methotrexate – evil drug made me feel like I was dying, it is a chemotherapy drug and I wouldn’t advise taken this. 6/10 people do get regrowth, I would advise of you try it to literally half the dose you are given to make sure you can stomach it. I think it did work for me on the lowest dose but as soon as you stop it – the hair says bye bye again.

Steroid’s: always seem to work, make me feel amazing but watch out if I miss a dose because I’m an evil basterd! I got total roid rage when I come off that, so great when on it, hair did grow, but wow got to be careful coming off it. Sadly this can’t be taken forever otherwise I would do as I felt well every day. It was like my body recovered from everything, tiredness, aches, hair loss, I felt amazing.

Side effects though – major water retention in limbs… I become a blubbery mess. My face mooned… yes it went round and although took ten years off me I can tell you having a round squishy face feels and looks weird.

I had to have weeks of body massages to reduce the fluid in my lymphatic system. It looked like the worst cellulite you’ve ever seen.

Moon face and blubbery legs did go down after about 2-3 months from stopping the treatment.

So what’s next other than all my natural remedies and iron replacements? Apparently something called ciclosporin. Another immune suppressant drug that they give to body organ transplant people normally to prevent rejection.
I’ve got 3 months of this new drug so I’ll let you know how that goes soon 🙂

Ventured into London for a couple of days sporting my bobbed shaggy Mandeville Wig. Its just a great wig - you'd never know I had 3 sprigs of hair under there.

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