• Michelle

Boost N Blend

September 2018

Now I have more hair I am able to cover up as well as wearing wigs.

So today I decided to give boost and blend hair fibres a go. I’ve attached a video of popping them into my hairline below.

I didn’t fancy wearing a wig today and these fibres are fabulous for adding volume and cover up to thinning bald patches etc.

I really recommend trying hair fibres if you have hair like mine. They do work, they cover the area, increases thickness of hair, do not come out and certainly do not colour your clothes or hands if you touch them after like some sprays do.

I really like them for non wig days, at least if the wind blows I won’t have a bald patch exposed as the fibres cover them nicely 🙂

Watch my video to show how well they cover those pesky thinning areas.

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