• Michelle

A little hair update

Hey folks, Ive noticed my hair is growing in again even though its still falling out in other areas. Its odd isn't it that a disease can make some hair fall out and start growing others.

Hey ho - Im just pleased it means my hair is still alive and kicking.

I wonder what has stirred this growth?

I’ve started using my infra red lamp and a cbd spray discussed earlier in my feed on a daily basis maybe that has helped?

I share these pics and my growth journeys not because hair loss still upsets me but because I want it to encourage others to look at your hair failing out as something that can just happen and is VERY common now. I try to share a little hope too. This is why I don’t often do reviews of hair pieces because my fight is with the lack of support for women with mental health concerns following losing hair and the way the drs and insurance companies suggest it’s just cosmetic and for us to deal with it.

It isn’t just cosmetic there is an underlying health reason we lose our hair and whilst common it’s not normal.

So my fight is for those who are not supported by drs, can’t get good wigs due to costs etc so I share things that might help hair re grow ! I hope it helps! Love Michelle x

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