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Hi! I'm Michelle & I suffer with hair loss.....

......Thats how I feel I have to introduce myself, but in reality it's not. Im so scared of appearing as fake or pretending to be someone Im not simply because I wear wigs, toppers and other hair extension pieces!

So let me start again... 

Hey, Im Michelle and I am a 44 year old mum to 3 (ages 25, 23 and 15)  and now a nan to a cute little baby boy too! I live in Rutland although have moved around a bit, with 20 houses in my lifetime, from North London where I grew up, to the Welsh Borders and now Rutland. I live with my 15 year old, my hairy beast of a husband and my little black cat, Archie.

I run 2 businesses, Im a professional Photographer, a part time model and dabble with writing for articles, magazines and currently writing a book. Im a bit of an entrepreneur and always thinking of something to create or another business venture or branch to my current businesses.

My star sign is Sagittarius and I love being outdoors. My favourite sport is skiing and my favourite hobby is taking photographs.

My hair started falling when I was 37 and has been a state since! Ups and downs... round and rounds! 

I created this blog to help others as its a bit of a trait of mine, I always look out for others before myself and having a strong activist personality I feel the need to stand up for - and be there for those who are not strong enough to do it themselves.

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I have featured in a number of advert campaigns and magazines showcasing wigs and talking about alopecia and the effects it has on our mind and wellbeing. Some of those are shown below.See more in the gallery pages.

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